Gather NPS Data in Your Mobile App Without Touching Code with mParticle

We all know mobile apps live and die by user engagement. What’s the best way to understand why some app users love you, and why others disappear?  What actions should you prioritize to boost user engagement? Many young companies choose the Net Promoter Score process. NPS surveys offer a lean way to gather meaningful feedback, and align a team around user happiness.

We built InMoment‘s native iOS and Android SDKs to measure Net Promoter Score inside your mobile app.  With our mParticle integration, it is easier than ever to get started.

Wootric Mobile NPS Survey on Android and iOS
Wootric Mobile NPS Survey on Android and iOS

Why?  Because every mobile application team deserves to hear from more users in the most fresh and contextual way.  While a developer would tell you Wootric’s SDKs are straight forward, it still means someone needs to deal with code.  If your technical resources are constrained (and whose aren’t?), even the simplest SDK install ends up somewhere in the development pipeline.  As the leader of the non-technical side of the house, I know how hard it can be to wait to test out a new shiny tool.

We succeed when you succeed, so we’re removing any barriers we can to help our customers–technical or non-technical–quickly get up, running, and listening to users.

Introducing Wootric on mParticle:  Switch on in-app NPS for mobile without touching code or releasing an update!

We’ve partnered with mParticle to make it easier for you to move faster on mobile NPS. If you’ve been thinking about bringing Net Promoter Score inside your mobile application, implementation just got easier.  Developers no longer have to carve out precious time to configure us.  Marketers, Customer Experience, and Customer Success professionals, you’ll be able to convince your dev team to try us out sooner.

With our mParticle integration, non-technical folks can enable Wootric’s Net Promoter Score platform without waiting for the next release cycle. Meanwhile, developers can continue to build uninterrupted, allowing them to ship product faster. Everyone wins!

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

1) Sign up on

2) Customize your Net Promoter Score survey as needed inside your Wootric dashboard, or use our trusted defaults. Personalize your NPS follow-up question, adjust survey sampling, or set your survey language (we now support nineteen languages, including new additions Arabic, Lithuanian & Dutch!)

Customize your NPS settings right inside the Wootric dashboard

3) Follow the Wootric integration instructions on the mParticle website to take Wootric live and immediately begin gathering NPS data inside your mobile app!

mparticle - Wootric integration
Using Wootric through mParticle?  Leave us a comment or drop us a line.  We’re in the business of feedback and we’d love yours!

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