Creating Fans, Not Just Customers: Metro Bank’s Journey to Customer-Centricity

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In the midst of a financial industry crisis, Metro Bank emerged in 2010 with a bold vision—to create fans, not just customers. Breaking the mould of traditional banking, Metro Bank embarked on a mission to revolutionise the banking experience in the UK. From the outset, Metro Bank sought to rewrite the rules of banking. They envisioned a landscape where exceptional customer service, inviting environments, and a commitment to personal connections prevailed over the conventional transactional approach. In this blog we break down the key components which remain the driving force behind their banking revolution!

Championing a Retail-Like Banking Experience

Metro Bank’s innovative approach emphasised “stores” over traditional “branches.” They’ve introduced safe deposit boxes, on-the-spot card printing and fostered an inclusive environment that extends a warm welcome to both dogs and children. Metro Bank has embraced a retail-inspired model, setting it apart from traditional banking structures.

Adapting to Evolving Customer Needs

The banking sector evolved rapidly, especially with the accelerated shift to online transactions during the pandemic. Despite these changes, Metro Bank remained committed to their service-based model. They placed a premium on personal connections while adapting to excel in online channels, ensuring a seamless transition for customers.

Customer-Centric Approach and Transformation

In 2020, Metro Bank established a dedicated team focused on cultivating fans. Their three key priorities—ensuring excellent customer outcomes, empowering colleagues to create fan-worthy experiences, and driving innovation through programmes like ‘Magic Makers’—underscored the bank’s commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Revamping Customer Insight with InMoment’s Partnership

Recognising the importance of customer feedback and the need for an improved insight programme, Metro Bank partnered with InMoment to overhaul its approach. The collaborative effort aimed to redefine their insight strategy by incorporating competitive benchmarking, relationship surveys, and touchpoint surveys to understand customer “moments of truth.”

Data-Driven Success and Achievements

Metro Bank have successfully Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) scores and are seeing positive results. Their contact centre and store surveys have also tripled response rates! Leveraging tools like active listening enabled them to dive deeper into customer feedback, revealing invaluable insights that guided their priorities.

InMoment’s partnership played a pivotal role in Metro Bank’s journey toward customer-centricity:

  • Data Transformation: InMoment assisted Metro Bank in transforming their customer insight programme.
  • Tool Implementation and Adoption: InMoment provided tools and methodologies for data collection, analysis, and dissemination.
  • Survey Optimisation: InMoment’s guidance has helped Metro Bank to optimise survey placement and design.
  • Insightful Analytics: InMoment’s analytics capabilities has helped Metro Bank identify patterns, pain points, and prioritise actions based on data-driven insights.

As Metro Bank forges ahead, their dedication to evolving in response to customer dynamics remains unwavering, ensuring that their mission of creating fans, not just customers.

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