4 Ways a Quick Service Restaurant Chain Refreshed a Stale Customer Experience Program

When you think of going to get a quick bite to eat, you’re probably thinking of getting a burger. With so many quick-service restaurant chains to compete with, how can one chain expect to stand out above the rest? One family decided to perfect freshly sliced sandwiches, custom menu items, and a never before seen “light” menu that features low calorie salads and sandwiches. Their revolutionary blend of quick-service speed and made-for-you care helped them create as many smiles as they did sandwiches. 

Despite their global and loyal fanbase, the quick service restaurant chain experienced a period of stalled sales and mixed reception to marketing messages. It was this period of confusion that caused them to revamp their menu. But, as the restaurant underwent a massive change, they realized that their current customer experience platform was ineffective. Therefore, along with the refreshed brand, came a refreshed customer experience program. Here are the 4 ways they refreshed a stale customer experience program: 

  1. Going from Measuring to Improving
  2. Getting the Right Insights to the Right People
  3. Turning Intelligence into Action
  4. Proving ROI Using Purpose-Driven Results

These four strategies helped this chain go from behind the times to a trailblazing leader in their field by partnering with InMoment. Let’s dive in to see how they did it!

Strategy #1: Going from Measuring to Improving

Before partnering with InMoment, this brand was relying heavily on a cloud-based analytics platform to track store performance. However, what this platform did not measure was the customer experience. This brand was able to tell how many meals were ordered in a day, but not how their customers felt about their meals—and if they had a good experience eating their food in the restaurant. 

The brand decided to partner with InMoment based on their ability to implement the quantitative data with customer experience data. InMoment offered them a chance to see a holistic view of individual location performance, automated intelligence informed by data, and employee commitment to enhance the guest experience and drive sales. 

Strategy #2: Getting the Right Insights to the Right People

The quick-service restaurant’s InMoment team was able to take advantage of performance data and customer experience data to offer this brand a monthly granular, location-level report. 

Using these reports, area supervisors could now conduct quarterly, on-site performance evaluations. Then, InMoment would correlate the audit results with customer experience data in an easy-to-review report that gave actionable coaching insights and suggestions for improvement. 

Strategy #3: Turning Intelligence into Action

By sending pertinent data to decision makers, InMoment was able to help the QSR chain foster an environment of growth within the organization. InMoment’s reports—that integrate performance audits and guest experience data—created priorities tied to the greatest return on investment. 

But, priorities aren’t chosen solely from data. InMoment also measures brand loyalty drivers such as friendliness, food quality, and cleanliness. 

Based on the platform-identified priorities and the data received, the brand was able to leverage InMoment’s tech to empower general managers and area supervisors to select quarterly action steps from a pre-populated library. 

Strategy #4: Proving ROI Using Purpose-Driven Results

After implementing these data-driven improvements using the InMoment correlated system, the brand saw a significant increase in key metrics in just eight months; the most notable being a 34% increase in their overall satisfaction (OSAT) score and a 22% increase in product quality. 

Through its re-energized approach, this brand understands that every experience matters, and it’s important to get it right the first time. If there’s a problem, it’s acknowledged and fixed. 

With the combined incremental value derived from its partnership with InMoment—and 

commitment to service excellence—the restaurant continues to inspire smiles through delicious experiences. 

To learn more about how InMoment can transform your customer experience, and to learn more about this brand’s journey, read the full client story here!

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