XI Café Podcast, Episode 1: The legalsuper Journey Towards Becoming a CX-Focused, Data-Driven Organisation

Welcome to the XI Café Podcast! In order to continue Experience Improvement, the XI Café Podcast was created so that CX program owners around the world could join the conversation and learn from global businesses and industry experts about the latest experience improvement innovations in technology and research services, industry and market expertise, and customer (CX) and employee (EX) engagement best practices.

In the first episode of the XI Café Podcast we’re talking to legalsuper’s CX Insights and Service Design Lead, Eslam Afifi. Eslam is a PhD & CCXP Certified Customer Experience (CX) lead with a proven record of designing and delivering CX programs across different sectors such as Financial Services, Government, Tourism, Oil and FMCG in Australia, Africa and Asia. His journey at legalsuper is worth talking about – we’ll hear how his team has leveraged customer data and insights to transform legalsuper’s operating model, affecting positive change for the business and its members.

Where to Find the XI Café Podcast

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify and Amazon Music, but if you are eager to jump right in then you can click the play button below to start listening to this week’s episode!

More of a visual person? No worries. You can also find the video recordings off the XI Café Podcast on our YouTube channel!

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