Zapier Integration is Live! Connect NPS, CSAT & CES Survey Data to All Your Apps

In case you haven’t heard, Zapier is the application that lets you easily “zap” data from one workflow application to another and trigger actions. This is a boon to companies that use multiple platforms to support different functions, and need their data to move seamlessly between those silos.  Best of all, zaps require no coding skills.


Zapier can help you make your Wootric CX data more actionable by automatically triggering actions in systems your company already uses. Here are three ways to use Zapier + Wootric:

Close the loop with customers

If someone scores you 6 or below (a Detractor), let Zapier immediately create a ticket in your customer support system, like Zendesk. When someone scores you a 9 or 10 (a Promoter, yay!), it is a great time to say thank you or to ask for a review or referral. You could automatically notify an associate via email but what if the team uses a platform like Trello to manage tasks? You can use a zap to create a Trello card to prompt an associate to do a personal reach-out to say thank you.

Send feedback to a Google Spreadsheet

When you want to parse feedback in a spreadsheet, a zap is an easy way to get it there in real-time.

Better customer intelligence

Is Customer A happy or unhappy right now? Make sure Sales and Customer Success are in the know by zapping survey responses into your CRM.

Of course, with over 500 apps in Zapier’s directory, you can get very creative  — and very productive.

Happy zapping!

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