CCPA Request

Personal Information Request

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides consumers with the following rights regarding their personal information: the right to request the categories of their personal information collected by InMoment; the right to request the categories of information disclosed to third parties, who those third parties are, and the purpose behind the disclosure; and the right to request that InMoment delete their personal information.

InMoment values your privacy and embraces the principals of the CCPA. If you would like to make a personal information request then please fill out the form on this page. The form helps us both confirm your identity and locate your personal information in our system. We will process your request as soon as we can.

Please note that this personal information request only relates to InMoment and its wholly owned subsidiaries. If you would like to request information held by a third party then you will need to contact them directly. If you have any questions then please contact us at

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