MedStar Health's Brand Reputation Journey through Reputation Management

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, where patient feedback can significantly shape public perception, MedStar Health has invested in protecting its online reputation. Serving the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. regions, MedStar Health’s network spans 10 hospitals and over 300 care locations. 

At its core, MedStar Health is driven by a patient-first philosophy, deeply rooted in values of integrity, service, and innovation. As a leader in health care, MedStar Health’s mission extends beyond providing medical services; it’s about nurturing trust and reliability within the communities it serves.

With all of this in mind, they, as an organization, were not without their challenges.

That’s where InMoment’s Reputation Management toolkit came into play.

The Challenges

In the pursuit of maintaining its strong brand reputation, MedStar Health faced a trio of formidable challenges:

  • High Volume of Reviews: Managing thousands of patient reviews across hundreds of sites monthly posed a significant challenge. This volume of feedback required a robust system to process and address effectively.
  • Quality and Accuracy of Responses: Ensuring that each patient’s feedback received a response that was not only timely but also empathetic was crucial. This was key to upholding MedStar Health’s commitment to patient care and satisfaction.
  • Need for an Efficient Digital Solution: As a non-profit with constrained resources, the organization was in need of a digital solution that could streamline the process of reputation management, making it more efficient and impactful.

Implementing Tailored Solutions

To tackle these challenges head-on, MedStar Health embarked on a transformative journey with InMoment’s Reputation Management toolkit, implementing a series of strategic solutions.

The Solutions

Tools for Review Processing

The integration of the Response Automation tool for negative star ratings without a comment marked a significant leap in managing patient reviews. With InMoment’s help, MedStar Health was able to deploy automatic templates that encourage reviewers to share more information via a secure form. This solution not only expedited review processing but also enhanced the MedStar Health’s team ability to shift resources to other priorities while they waited for additional feedback.

The impact had both immediate and long-term effects. Since April 1, 2021, MedStar Health’s response rate has increased by 93.90%, and the organization has reduced the average amount of time it takes to respond to a review down to 1.98 days.

A User-Friendly Platform for Review Management

InMoment’s Reputation Management toolkit revolutionized how MedStar Health managed its online feedback.

“The overall look and feel of the tool is really simple and easy to grasp,” says Emily from the Reputation Management team at MedStar Health. “The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of the platform made it easier for our team to navigate and respond to reviews, significantly reducing the time and effort previously required.”

Customer Success Team Critical to MedStar Health’s Growth

The customer success team has been a boon to MedStar Health’s leading online review management in the healthcare industry. Their award-winning team stands out for its unparalleled commitment to ensuring client satisfaction.

With expert guidance and personalized support, the InMoment team excelled in assisting Emily and her team with any inquiries about the platform, offering strategic insights on how to leverage the rich data to optimize their business strategies and enhance overall performance.

The Overall Impact

The collaboration between the Reputation Management toolkit team and MedStar Health has been nothing short of transformative.

“We’ve not only addressed our immediate challenges but also enhanced our overall patient experience,” Claire adds. “We’re able to more quickly see and address patient concerns with the InMoment platform.”

The partnership has solidified MedStar Health’s position as a leader in patient-centric health care and showcased the significant impact of integrating innovative digital solutions.


MedStar Health’s journey with InMoment’s Reputation Management software has been a testament to the power of strategic digital integration in the healthcare sector.

By addressing key challenges with strategic solutions, MedStar Health has seen remarkable improvements in managing patient feedback, response rates, and overall patient satisfaction. 

This customer story serves as an inspiring example of how embracing digital transformation can lead to enhanced healthcare services and improved patient care.

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