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Customer Feedback Surveys for Intercom


Surveys in Intercom Messenger provide a seamless customer experience.

Support conversations are transformed when teams have Voice of the Customer data at their fingertips.

Connect Your Intercom Account

Monitor & improve the customer journey.

  • Trigger in-app surveys, email surveys or surveys in Intercom Messenger based on user attributes. For example, send a Customer Effort Score survey after onboarding, CSAT survey upon support case closure, or a Net Promoter Score survey 60 days prior to renewal.
  • Survey responses flow back into user records in Intercom.
  • Get started in days, not weeks.

Close the loop with customers right from Intercom.

  • Get Support working right away! Automatically open conversations when feedback comes in, if desired, to prompt follow-up with the customer.
  • Send auto-messages based on survey score. For example, automatically follow up with detractors to learn more, or invite happy customers to your referral program.

Hear from more customers. Supplement in-chat surveys with email.

  • Reach off-line stakeholders with email surveys.
  • Follow up with customers who don’t respond in-app.

Analyze all of your customer journey metrics.

  • Net Promoter, CSAT and Customer Effort Score dashboards.
  • Track CX metrics across channels, touch points, and across your entire customer base.
  • View your rolling average metrics over time. Diagnose by your business drivers.
  • Close the loop with customers.
  • Never miss a trend – automatically receive a continuous pulse of customer sentiment.
  • Qualitative feedback is auto-categorized so you can learn why your customers love you or don’t.

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