Journey Mapping & Blueprinting


Journey Mapping & Blueprinting

Truly understanding what your customers are experiencing is something many companies overlook (except for the most successful ones). Join us for a dynamic one-day (8-hour) virtual highly engaging Customer Journey Mapping course. You’ll learn how to map the true experience of your customers and identify a blueprint to create consistent, successful experiences for everyone. In this course we’ll discuss:

  • Journey Maps What They Are and Why They Work
    • A visual storytelling powerhouse
  • Goals of Customer Journey Maps
    • Creating empathy, driving engagement, revealing opportunities
  • The Key Elements of Customer Journey Maps
    • Persona’s, scenarios, actions, mindsets, emotions
  • How to Get Buy-in for Journey Mapping
    • When does a journey map make sense
    • Articulating metrics of journey maps

Prior to the course each participant will receive the latest training materials and after participation you will receive access to online certification testing.

Tuition: $1000
Class Date: TBA

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