Transforming Customer Experience: Driving Loyalty Through AI-Driven Insights

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Live Webinar
12:00 PM CDT

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Hear how your brand can break down data silos, and build a cohesive CX program to create experiences that drive loyalty

Discover How InMoment Enables Your Brand To:

  • Seamlessly unify data from every customer touchpoint, to provide a holistic view of your customer journey
  • Leverage advanced AI technologies to interpret data from all touchpoints, and understand how to act on it in the most impactful way.
  • Leverage our expert blend of technology and services for prescriptive recommendations that improve the impact of your customers’ experiences
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Matt Mimnaugh, Vice President of Presales and Managed Services

Discover how to get a 360-degree view of your customer interactions and how to take those interactions and consolidate data from every touchpoint.

Say goodbye to fragmented insights

Our integrated approach stitches together the entire customer journey, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what drives satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

AI Insights

We’ll share insights on how AI is utilized to gather and analyze customer feedback and showcase specific features within InMoment's solution that leverage AI for deeper customer insights.

Matt Mimnaugh

VP of Solutions Consulting and Field Architects

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