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Press Release | October 21, 2020

InMoment’s XI Technology Platform Named 2020 Innovation Award Winner for Experience Improvement

Press Release | October 7, 2020

InMoment Appoints Graham Tutton Global Head of Consumer Products to Accelerate Experience Improvement for the World’s Top Brands

Press Release | September 30, 2020

InMoment Appoints HR Veteran Wendy Rand as Chief Human Resources Officer

Press Release | September 22, 2020

InMoment Challenges Status Quo: Stop Managing Experiences, Start Improving Them

Press Release | September 10, 2020

InMoment annonce la nomination de Sam Oziel au poste de directeur national pour aider les grandes marques canadiennes à accélérer leur croissance

Press Release | September 10, 2020

InMoment Announces Sam Oziel as Country Manager to Help Canada’s Top Brands Accelerate Growth

Press Release | September 3, 2020

InMoment Research Reveals Brands Should Prioritize Empathy and Emotion to Improve Customer and Employee Connection

Press Release | August 18, 2020

InMoment Shortlisted for Best CX Partner 2020 in Australia and New Zealand’s Most Important CX Awards

Press Release | August 18, 2020

InMoment Announces XI Digital Transformation Solution to Help Top Brands Improve Digital Experiences

Press Release | August 11, 2020

InMoment Helps Discount Tire Pioneer Innovative Customer Engagement Processes to Thrive in the ‘New Normal’ Retail Environment

Press Release | July 27, 2020

InMoment Announces Commitment to Global Inclusion Movement, Joins The Valuable 500

Press Release | July 15, 2020

InMoment Introduces Key Global Executives to Accelerate Growth and Transformational Approach to Achieving Business Success

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