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Press Release | July 9, 2024

InMoment Announces New AI Studio, a Pioneering Framework for Deploying Generative AI Features in Its XI Platform

Press Release | June 26, 2024

InMoment Recognized for AI and Retail Innovation in 2024 AI Breakthrough Awards 

Press Release | June 25, 2024

InMoment Sets a New Standard in Customer Experience with AI-Based Conversational Intelligence and Contact Center Data Analysis

Press Release | June 18, 2024

InMoment Continues Leadership in Text Mining and Analytics and Online Reputation Management for Integrated CX Insights

Press Release | May 30, 2024

InMoment Named a Leader in Text Mining and Analytics Platforms Research Report Citing Strengths in NLU and Generative AI-based Processes

Press Release | May 23, 2024

InMoment Wins CX Solution of the Year at the European Customer Centricity World Series Awards 2024

Press Release | April 11, 2024

InMoment Recognized on the 2024 Shatter List for Advancing Women in Technology and Breaking Glass Ceilings

Press Release | April 9, 2024

P1FCU Leverages InMoment’s Cutting-Edge Advanced AI To Elevate Credit Union Member Experiences

Press Release | April 3, 2024

InMoment Attains ISO 27001 Certification, Demonstrating Ongoing Dedication to Information Security

Press Release | March 26, 2024

InMoment Unveils Product Advancements to Improve Contact Center Experiences and Online Reputation

Press Release | March 21, 2024

InMoment and Assurant Extend Partnership: Committed to Continue Enhancing Customer Experience Listening Strategies and Business Improvement Efforts

Press Release | March 20, 2024

Swiss Post Partners with InMoment to Adapt to Modern Customer Centricity

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