Cabela’s Looks to Take Customer Experience to the Next Level with an Assist from InMoment

This article originally appeared on Loyalty360. View it here.

Outdoor retailer Cabela’s has long been known for its peerless customer experience inside its stores through its 1-to-1 expertise that its frontline employees provide.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with customer engagement platform InMoment Cabela’s plans to take that unparalleled customer experience one step further.

Cabela’s will deploy an omnichannel customer listening strategy that leverages video feedback, as well as feedback from traditional channels, such as online reviews and surveys. As a result, that unstructured data will be transformed into actionable customer insights. Through a more comprehensive and immediate understanding of its customers’ needs, Cabela’s can adapt its in-store experience appropriately and continue to build high-value relationships with its customers.

Nathan Borowski, Communications Specialist at Cabela’s, told Loyalty360 that the partnership will definitely impact the company’s customer engagement initiatives and overall customer experience.

“As we continue to grow, it becomes even more important to understand whether we are delivering on our promise of superior customer service in each and every customer interaction,” Borowski explained. “For more than 50 years, we’ve consistently created an unparalleled experience inside our retail stores. The most important element of that experience has always been the one-on-one expertise and attention our frontline employees provide to our customers. Their knowledge and interactions are what keep customers coming back year after year. Our partnership with InMoment will allow us to fully empower our employees to improve their interactions with customers, while giving our executive team the strategic insights needed to successfully steer our business.”

Brands can’t effectively communicate with their customers unless they can effectively listen.

“Effective customer listening is the cornerstone of our ability to stay differentiated as customer expectations change and competition increases,” Borowski added. “InMoment will help us listen in more ways, and more places, netting richer data. The advanced analytics engine will surface more and more strategic insights, enabling us to focus our efforts on the areas of our business that create and nurture high value customer relationships. As we continue to grow our business and evolve the distinctive Cabela’s experience, it is critical that we stay closer to our customers than ever before. This partnership will allow us to understand how we’re executing on our brand promise, what customers love about Cabela’s, and when and how we need to make changes.”   

InMoment President Lonnie Mayne added: “Cabela’s has achieved something most brands never do: A fantastically unique experience that draws customers in and transforms them into raving fans. And they don’t take that loyalty for granted. Their commitment to pushing themselves further when it comes to customer experience is remarkable. We look forward to working with the Cabela’s team to ensure the company continually exceeds customer expectations.”

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