Choctaw Nation Selects InMoment’s CX Intelligence Platform to Build Financial Sustainability Through High-Value Guest and Employee Experience

SALT LAKE CITY (April 25, 2017) — InMoment announced today that Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the third largest Native American tribe in the country, has selected the company’s industry-leading customer experience intelligence platform to support the Nation’s long-term financial sustainability through a deeper understanding of customer and employee data.

Based in Southeastern Oklahoma, Choctaw Nation businesses provide more than 6,000 jobs for tribal and non-tribal Oklahomans. Revenue from its diverse portfolio of successful businesses—20 gaming sites, three resorts, a KOA RV park, a multi-million dollar printing company, 16 travel plazas, 12 farms and ranches, and a brand new country market—supports services for tribal members, such as healthcare, education, housing, and senior care.

“Our businesses are an investment in the future of our tribe,” says TR Kanuch, senior executive officer, Division of Commerce for Choctaw Nation. “As we look toward the future, we understand that a better connection to our customers and employees is imperative to build a sustainable organization that can endure for the next one hundred years and beyond. Having the ability to make data-driven decisions informed by the voice of our guests and associates will ensure we make the right decisions for our businesses and our Nation.”

InMoment will support Choctaw Nation’s Division of Commerce in achieving a strategic view of emerging and historical trends; and empowering action by internal teams with predictive recommendations, prescriptive insights, real-time alerts, and other timely intelligence to drive both operational excellence and exceptional guest and employee experience. These critical business insights will be delivered through InMoment’s advanced customer experience intelligence platform, which automates the integration, analysis, and understanding of the full range of structured and unstructured “human” data, including Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE), Employee Experience, and other contextual information.

“Choctaw Nation is already known for its culture of hospitality—from its philanthropy to its practices of friendliness, acceptance, and genuine care for all people—values that are at the core of everything we do,” says Tommy Rhoads, executive director of guest experience and operational excellence for Choctaw Nation. “We fully expect our partnership with InMoment to meld this hospitality-driven culture with data-driven business discipline to create an even more effective organization.”

“We are honored to work with Choctaw Nation, whose forward-thinking mindset, and focus on a sustainable future for the tribe, epitomizes a wise business that can see beyond the next two, five, or even ten years,” says Andrew Joiner, InMoment CEO. “As a strategic partner, InMoment will bring our industry-leading technology to power this bold initiative, informing decisions and action across this diverse organization with timely, critical intelligence. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with the Nation’s leaders as they embark on a journey to extend their proud legacy, and bring economic prosperity to their members for the next century and beyond.”

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) intelligence platform, arming brands with compelling customer insights to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. InMoment’s industry-leading analytics power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE), Employee Engagement, and Social Reviews & Advocacy solutions. InMoment also provides strategic guidance, support, and related services to more than 350 brands across 95 countries. For more information, visit

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