Cousins Subs Selects Empathica to Refocus and Enhance Its Customer Experience

Empathica’s CEM solutions enable the growing restaurant franchise to turn customer feedback into actionable insights at both the brand and local level

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — October 29, 2013 — Empathica Inc., a Mindshare Technologies company, today announced that Cousins Subs, a growing, Milwaukee-based sandwich shop with more than 135 corporate and franchised locations, selected Empathica to provide an enhanced customer experience management (CEM) program and increase customer loyalty. Seeking a solution to guide it through the customer experience lifecycle, Cousins Subs turned to Empathica for its advanced technology and its restaurant industry experience.

“We realized that our current customer satisfaction model was out of date and not making a significant impact on our business, so we looked for a partner that could provide both the technology and the consulting we needed to improve our CEM program,” said Justin McCoy, Vice President of Marketing, Cousins Subs. “Empathica best fit our needs because its CEM platform is user-friendly and allows franchise managers to drill down into guest experiences – positive and negative – helping them create appropriate action plans in regards to improving the customer experience.”

According to McCoy, Cousins Subs was particularly attracted to Empathica’s 3rd Party Feedback and Text Analytics capabilities, which give franchisees the ability to view unstructured feedback – such as online reviews, social network comments, email and open-ended survey comments – alongside structured survey feedback. Due to the technology’s ease of use and ability to provide instant snapshots of data, franchise managers will have the ability to focus their time on running the business rather than trying to interpret customer feedback data.

McCoy continued, “Now that Empathica is a part of Mindshare Technologies, we are particularly excited about expanding our CEM program in the future with an even more comprehensive feature set offered by the combined organization.”

“Cousins Subs is one of the first restaurants to utilize Empathica’s 3rd Party Feedback and enhanced Text Analytics capabilities. With this aggregated view of customer feedback, brand managers at Cousins Subs can surface strategic insights and identify trends, while location managers can use a focused localized view to train their staff to meet the needs of guests,” said Dr. Gary Edwards, chief customer officer, Empathica. “Cousins Subs is a brand that truly believes in the idea of enhancing the guest experience, and our technology and guidance provides them with the tools to organize guest perception into actionable insights at both the local and brand level.”

About Cousins Subs:

Cousins Subs® and its franchisees operate more than 135 sub sandwich shops in six states, with bold expansion plans. The first Cousins Subs was established in Milwaukee in 1972 by Bill Specht and his cousin. Their dream was to bring East Coast-style sub sandwiches to Milwaukee – with their own handcrafted touch. They started with their bread, developing a secret recipe with the perfect taste and crunch. That bread is the cornerstone of the Cousins Subs slogan, “Better Bread. Better Subs. Better Day.” The original recipe is still closely followed at every Cousins Subs store, where each sandwich is made to order using freshly sliced deli meats, cheeses, and vegetables – and the bread is baked fresh each day. Forty-one years later and still family owned, Cousins Subs employees and franchisees are driven by their mission to “Make it a Better Day” in all they do. For more information, visit

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