Customer Think InMoment Highlight: The Value of Building A Stellar CX Reputation

The most ambitious companies know that it’s not enough to be loved ‘just’ by their existing customer base. Think about brands like Ritz-Carlton; even if you haven’t stayed at a Ritz before, I bet high quality and a stellar reputation come to mind the moment you hear the name. This sort of prestige isn’t just good for prestige’s sake, either—a great reputation preserves your customer base, creates a sense of shared identity, and allows you to attract and retain new business.

While a lot of the companies that have reputations like these have benefited from
time and history, that doesn’t mean your brand has to wait 100 years to build that rep too. Believe it or not, Google is just 22 years old, but its brand is pretty much synonymous with the entire internet. Customer experience initiatives, specifically Experience Improvement (XI) programs, give organizations the tools they need to build up a great customer experience (CX) reputation expediently, which also expedites attracting and keeping a great customer base.

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