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CX Network’s 2019 Elite Award Winners Announced

HSBC, Volvo and Petplan are recognised by CX Network for customer experience excellence in 2019.

London, 16th October 2019 – CX Network, one of the global leaders in premium content for customer experience professionals, announced the winners of the 2019 CX Elite Awards at MaritzCX’s annual CXForum in London last week.

These awards were designed to champion the outstanding work by professionals who are positively impacting customer experiences and have successfully led CX initiatives within their organisation.

“Customer experience is no longer just about gaining a competitive edge, it’s about brand survival.” said CX Network’s Editor-in-Chief, Chanice Henry. “While CX is crucial, there is still a major discrepancy between the experiences customers desire and the experiences they actually receive from brands.”

“I’m honoured to lead this year’s CX Elite Awards and celebrate the best of the best in customer experience.”

The 2019 CX Elite Award winners are as follows:

Best Use of Data Analytics awarded to HSBC

For their implementation of a top-down journey centred approach that achieves robust competitor benchmarking as well as real-time interaction, journey and relationship level feedback. This journey-centred approach enables the bank to explore its strengths and weaknesses by channel, product and proposition without ever losing sight of the importance of the customer objective underpinning each of the journey – all in a competitive framework.

Best CX Transformation awarded to Volvo

For their innovative approach to action planning. Realising that frontline employees drive CX results, Volvo has specially designed its action planning module within its Customer Experience Monitor Programme to affect real change at the dealership level. Dealers or dealer employees define and complete detailed action plans for challenges they are experiencing at the dealership that are smart, measurable, realistic and time-based. Individuals are then held accountable to ensure the specific components of the action plan are successfully executed. All dealers must participate – there are no exceptions.

Best CX Innovation of the Year: Petplan by Allianz Insurance

One of the many innovations embedded in the Petplan CX programme is the automated identification of a ‘hot leads’ group within the ‘iQuote’ journey (while prospects are still in the competitive shopping phase) with recommended actions to convert them more effectively.

This initiative provided a direct ROI in the programme and helped Petplan prioritise actions to further increase their win rate. Additionally, examples of high-profile wins for the programme include ongoing impact analysis of recent initiatives on the iBuy journey. In short, CX is now front and centre of the business.

About CX Network

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