Empathica and Customer Service Profiles, LLC Partner to Deliver Targeted CEM Program to Financial Services Sector

Empathica and CSP jointly offer a comprehensive CEM program with an integrated reporting platform.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – March 22, 2010 — Empathica Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to some of the world’s most respected brands, announced today that it has partnered with Customer Service Profiles, LLC (CSP). The partnership will provide the financial services sector with a consolidated yet holistic CEM program that allows banks to identify key drivers of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer advocacy.

As an Omaha-based Voice of the Customer research provider, CSP has 23 years of exclusive focus providing the banking industry with a series of data collection processes that spans from in-person evaluations to telephone-based (CATI) research and analytics. Empathica rounds out this experience, working with several of the world’s largest financial institutions and providing industry leading Web, IVR and Text based surveys.

CSP’s Voice of the Customer research, coupled with Empathica’s robust CEM reporting platform, will offer banks several added benefits in comparison to stand-alone models:

  • Comprehensive CEM program that takes an in-depth look at various financial industry divisions – including mortgage, credit and wealth services – for a very holistic offering. It also maintains the ability to evaluate transactional research, as well as perform bigger one-time research studies.
  • Consolidated platform that utilizes Web, IVR, text and CATI techniques – customized specifically for banks – and provides insight recorded in one central location for easy access to research and analytics.
  • Price advantage relative to other offerings that would be available sourcing this wealth of expertise separately. 

Empathica knew CSP would be an ideal partner, as their surveying capabilities and extensive industry experience would add further value to Empathica’s already robust CEM offerings. 

“Banks can leverage the best of both CEM models, as it’s a more sophisticated offering tailored specifically to the financial services industry,” said Dr. Gary Edwards, Empathica’s EVP of Client Services. “Empathica’s robust CEM platform, paired with CSP’s strong CATI-based solutions, will give banks a very powerful tool to track analytics for customer sentiment and peer benchmarking data.”

With the ability to gather data at every distribution channel – retail, commercial, call center – CSP also provides actionable data that will allow banks to influence and ultimately help change employee behaviors.

“Through our customer experience measurement processes we provide knowledge and awareness of what customers are saying about products, employees, competition and other critical components of banks,” said John Berigan, EVP of Sales as Customer Service Profiles. “Our partnership with Empathica will bring a great deal of experience, expertise and service to the banking industry.”

About Customer Service Profiles, LLC (CSP):
CSP, with over 20 years of experience in providing Voice of the Customer research and improving performance to the financial industry, has worked with more than 150 financial institutions across theUnited States. To learn more, visit the web site at www.csprofiles.com.

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