Empathica Continues to Climb Ranks of Canada’s Top Information Technology Companies

Branham300 ranks Empathica as a top technology brand for the third year in a row, this year’s rank up four from last year.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – April 26, 2012 — Empathica Inc., the global leader of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to more than 200 of the world’s most respected brands, announced today that it has been listed on the Branham300 for the third consecutive year, as one of Canada’s top technology companies.

The Branham300 is the most comprehensive list of Canada’s top companies in the information and technology sector compiled by the Branham Group, a leading industry analyst and strategic consulting firm, and is widely considered a measurement of the development of the industry.

In its third year being featured, Empathica ranks number 159, up four spots from the previous year. Empathica’s rich analysis of survey data uses state-of-the-art surveying and dashboard reporting software to help the world’s largest retailers, banks, and restaurants improve day-to-day operations with better customer insights.

“We are honored to continue moving up this list of very prestigious Canadian technology brands,” said Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer at Empathica.  “This recognition of our growth as a Canadian software company speaks to the importance of the mission we are on: We believe that everyone deserves to love where they work, shop and dine. ability of oOur CEM programs to stay ahead of the curve and help brands turn employees into ambassadors and satisfied customers into turn satisfied customers into loyal customers, rescue unhappy patrons and build an army of active brand advocates.”

Recently, the company launched Empathica Local™, an innovative product that brings those global insights to local managers. The product leverages a patent-pending prescriptive reporting technology to set focus areas that are presented in a simple, clear interface. This eliminates the need for managers to search through complex reports to find insights. The program then takes these insights one step further by providing users with specific action-items, thereby transforming customer insights into tangible actions. This ensures that feedback is not only heard on the local level, but is also acted upon in meaningful ways by staff to positively impact the customer experience to grow active advocacy.

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