Experience Hub 2.0 Released

This article originally appeared on CMO Australia. View it here.

Customer experience optimisation vendor, InMoment, has launched Experience Hub 2.0, the latest version of its platform offering better tools for prioritising and actioning customer insights.

The company claims Hub 2.0 enhances the scope and richness of data, prioritises insights for more actionability and impact, and offers more intuitive reporting tools. There’s also an upgraded user interface added back-end flexibility and scalability.

A key new feature is comment exploration with explore, which taps unstructured data from surveys, videos and social media to help marketers sort through customer data using time period, sentiment, topic and keyword as key criteria. There’s also an integrated voice of employee capability, aimed at helping teams create a more streamlined and consistent flow of information to employees around customer insights through always-on forums, pulse inquiries and targeted outreach.

The solution also aims to help users better manage case management with alerting, direct customer communications via an app, tracking progress and prioritisation.

“One of the largest contributors to ineffective customer experience initiatives is a failure to act,” said InMoment CEO and founder, John Sperry. “It’s not due to a lack of information. What’s missing is the why.

“Until now, most solutions have lacked the analytics chops to mine that data for descriptive, predictive, and even prescriptive insights. Hub 2.0 is the only solution on the market that combines these capabilities into one seamless, effective experience.”

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