How to effectively and seamlessly migrate data

Winner of Best Use of Insight and Analytics at the CX Elite Awards 2021, NatWest, discusses how to migrate data effectively.

CX Network, one of the global leaders in premium content for customer experience professionals, recently announced the winners of the 2021 CX Elite Awards at InMoment’s Experience Forum.

The CX Elite Awards 2021 is a celebration of all the hard work and dedication CX professionals have shown over the past year.

In this exclusive interview, CX Network talks with Anthony Brown, senior CRM developer at NatWest, about combatting data and tech silos and rolling-out seamless data migration.

NatWest was crowned with this award thanks to their project to make internal Case Management more efficient by supporting the frontline (who are time poor) with a more effective and user-friendly reporting tools.

Read the full article on CXNetwork.

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