Infographic: How Employee Engagement Boosts CX Success

This article originally appeared on MyCustomer. View it here.

You’re the customer experience champion in your organisation, and you already know how effective customer feedback can be at returning real business results. But you also know that your employees have a huge impact on your customer experience success because they interact with customers every day.

The fact is that you can design the best customer experience programme in the world, but if you don’t have engaged employees to execute, the programme will invariably fail. If you’re ready to take your customer experience programme to the next level, complementing your existing Voice of the Customer efforts with an employee engagement programme can dramatically increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your brand – and turn you into a customer experience rockstar.

With this in mind, the following infographic from InMoment examines:

  • The CX implications of employee engagement. 
  • How to engage staff. 
  • And how to get the HR department invested in the project – a vital step as the human resources department is a valuable partner in engagement efforts. 


Employee engagement

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