InMoment: 30 Percent of Employee Surveys Include Insights on How to Improve the Customer Experience

  • Systematic Voice of Employee Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Key to Optimizing, Differentiating Customer Experience for Strong Business Impacts
  • New White Paper Includes Best Practices of Fusing Customer and Employee Experience to Magnify Business Results

SALT LAKE CITY (15 November 2016) — As brands the world over gain a better understanding of the vast competitive advantages that come with delivering positive and differentiated customer experiences, their own employees are an essential source of insights, according to customer experience optimization solution provider, InMoment.

“Over the nine years we’ve been collecting employee engagement feedback, we’ve heard from hundreds of thousands of employees across multiple industries and countries,” said Dr. Paul Warner, vice president of consumer and employee insights. “In addition to talking about their own jobs, we found that nearly one-third of employees comment about the customer experience. Themes include ideas on how teams can work together better for the customer; how managers can better support employees when dealing with customers; and the barriers employees face in providing an exceptional experience. The sheer number of customer-centered comments is astounding. Even more interesting is that they emerge out of a process designed to gather their employees’ perceptions of their own jobs—not necessarily the customer experience.”

Additionally, a recent study by CustomerThink found that B2B companies rank this kind of feedback, called Voice of Employee (VoE), as the most actionable type of feedback in improving the customer experience.

Warner continued: “Employees, especially front line staff, spend most of their time at the place where brand promise and customer experience meet. As such, they have a particularly empathetic view of customers, as well as inside knowledge of how and why your business works—and doesn’t. Plus, inviting employees into improving and even designing better customer experiences enhances their own engagement levels. Companies that fail to leverage VoE to its fullest extent are leaving money on the table.”

“Voice of Employee feedback is an essential element in truly understanding both employees and customers,” said Fiona Regan, people development director at Revolution Bars Group PLC, a leading operator of premium bars with a strong national presence across the UK. “Because employees know our business in ways customers simply cannot, they have the unique ability to identify the root causes of why we are delivering great experiences, and where we’re falling short. In addition, when we invite employees to become part of actually creating and improving customers’ experiences, their own engagement levels increase. Working with InMoment to understand customers and employees in such a holistic way is giving us a level of insight into our business we’ve never had before.”

New Voice of Employee Whitepaper

To help brands both leverage and improve employees and their experience, InMoment is introducing a new whitepaper titled “Better CX Begins with Employees: Where Voice of Customer, Employee Engagement, and Voice of Employee Intersect” available for download here at no cost.

“Voice of Employee feedback is proving to be a rich and focused expression of the frustrations our employees encounter when working with our clients daily,” said Ralph Cumbee, chief experience officer at Solarity Credit Union. It also tells us what we’re doing right and what we need to focus on from those who have the most frequent and intimate contact with clients. Many times our clients know they have an issue but don’t know the inside story—but our staff does. This allows us to close loops much quicker and monitor issues before they negatively impact our metrics. I recommend use of this approach as an addition to surveying clients.”

InMoment also recently announced VoE capabilities in its new Experience Hub 2.0 that include ad hoc surveys and on-demand forums, as well as the functionality built into InMoment’s case management solution.

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that helps brands leverage customer stories to inform better business decisions, and create more valuable relationships with their customers. Through its Experience Hub™, InMoment provides Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews & Advocacy, and Employee Engagement solutions, as well as strategic guidance, support, and services to more than 350 brands in 95 countries. For more information, visit

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