InMoment And RapidMiner Partner To Bring Powerful Predictive Analytics To The Customer Experience

Fast Time-to-Insights for Quick, Targeted Action

Salt Lake City and Cambridge, Mass.– Jan. 13, 2016 – InMoment™ and RapidMiner™ today announced a partnership that combines InMoment’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution with RapidMiner’s Predictive Analytics Platform to generate powerful and actionable customer and business insights.

Organizations are challenged with the amount of data generated and the hidden gems that can be found within. Having access to the insights gleaned from the data isn’t enough—businesses need to be able to take action. With RapidMiner, InMoment clients are able to leverage the #1 open source predictive analytics platform to gain insight into customer behavior, fraud, sentiment analysis and other use cases, to help organizations take action on those predictions faster.

“More organizations are listening to and taking action on customer feedback than ever before,” said John Sperry, InMoment CEO. “Prior to today’s announcement, businesses primarily had visibility into the rearview mirror, which left them few options but to wait to hear how customers felt about their experiences, and then react. Our partnership with RapidMiner gives them the ability to anticipate customer needs, and act even more strategically. Not only will businesses be able to prevent problems, they’ll also be able to anticipate and address customer needs to forge even stronger, more profitable relationships.”

maurices, a leading North American retailer for women and subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASNA), is one of the first organizations utilizing this powerful new tool to improve both customer experience and business outcomes.

“By applying the RapidMiner Predictive Analytics Platform to the Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback InMoment gathers for us, as well as structured customer attribute data, we have been able to consistently predict with about 80 percent accuracy whether a customer is likely to become a repeat customer,” said Kristin Anderson, AVP of Customer Insights at maurices. “The insights tell us which elements of our customers’ experiences encourage or get in the way of a long-term relationship with our brand. With that information, we know exactly where and how to invest resources to both fix problems, and proactively create environments that build loyalty over time. maurices has always placed the customer at the heart of what we do, and that makes this type of intelligence invaluable to our business.”

Traditionally, data scientists are tasked with the ever-growing lists of day-to-day problems. InMoment and RapidMiner bring the power of data scientists into one solution. InMoment combines RapidMiner’s predictive analytics capabilities together with its own proprietary technology and methodologies to elevate customer insights to an entirely new level. The insights are presented via industry-leading data visualization provider Tableau, making the information accessible for leaders across the organization. In addition to delivering high-level insights, the joint solution can immediately and automatically route relevant information directly to managers and employees charged with taking action. This combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics presented seamlessly allows organizations to go beyond simple business intelligence and integrate into the DNA of the business to realize hard ROI.

“Customer data is a critical asset in an organization’s ability to harness the power of predictive analytics and to make a positive impact across the business,” said RapidMiner’s Chief Revenue Officer Bill Doyle. “InMoment has integrated the RapidMiner Predictive Analytics Platform into their offering enabling lightning fast conversion of customer insights into action. Our partnership with InMoment introduces a new dimension to the customer experience—speed to market—and that speed will provide organizations with a significant competitive advantage.”

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