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InMoment, Foot Locker to Present at Forrester CXSF

SAN FRANCISCO (October 15, 2019) — InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI), is presenting with global footwear and sportswear retailer Foot Locker at this year’s Forrester CXSF event. The presentation will take place in San Francisco on Oct. 17, with Andrew Park, VP Experience Intelligence Strategy at InMoment, and Tyler Saxey, Director, Customer Experience at Foot Locker.

The conference itself will focus on the future of Experience Design, and InMoment and Foot Locker will share how to use actionable intelligence to create the inclusive, personalized experiences for customers both in-store and online.

“This is an exciting time for the world of customer experience,” said Park. “The future of feedback is about interacting with and listening to customers in a more intelligent way, and as a long-time partner with Foot Locker, InMoment has watched this forward-thinking brand really excel over the years. Foot Locker is definitely a leader in creating lasting impressions and relationships with its customers.”

CXSF attendees can watch the presentation Thursday, Oct. 17, at 5:00pm.

About InMoment

InMoment™ is the leader in Experience Intelligence (XI), helping organizations deliver more beneficial and memorable experiences in every moment. The company’s cloud-native XI Platform is engineered with data science at the core, featuring three clouds that work seamlessly together to give businesses a comprehensive understanding of the most important factors impacting the bottom line: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and Market Experience (MX) Cloud. InMoment’s technology, coupled with its deep domain knowledge in experience design and delivery, helps more than 500 of the world’s leading brands in 95 countries attract, excite, and retain their most profitable customers and most valuable employees.

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