InMoment Launches Discover, a First-of-its-Kind CX Intelligence Tool

Discover constantly mines all customer data, delivering always-on intelligence across the enterprise

Company has cracked the code on unstructured customer data

Discover available via the InMoment platform or as stand-alone offering

SALT LAKE CITY (March 8, 2017) — Today InMoment publicly launched Discover, a first-of-its-kind analytics tool, at the company’s global best practices event and in conjunction with the announcement of a new CEO. (See InMoment Appoints Andrew Joiner as New Chief Executive Officer). Discover constantly monitors and mines the full range of structured and unstructured customer data, going beyond insights to generate customer experience (CX) intelligence, or always-on, customer-sourced intelligence for the entire enterprise.

The powerful analytics product can ingest and analyze customer and contextual data from any source data including unstructured feedback from social reviews, customer comments, voice recordings, agent notes and more. From there, Discover surfaces both known and unknown patterns, trends and anomalies as they arise, and then routes the information to the right people across an organization. Armed with this real-time intelligence, leaders in every corner of the business can take appropriate action immediately to avoid damage to their brands and capitalize on opportunities. Discover can be deployed as part of InMoment’s comprehensive Experience Hub™ platform, or as a standalone offering for brands that collect their own customer data or use other collection tools.

“InMoment’s new analytics tools are generating a level of intelligence—from both structured and unstructured data—that has never been possible before,” said Jocelyn Wieser, sr. retail business intelligence analyst at Cabela’s, one of the world’s foremost outfitters. “Discover’s ability to analyze customer data, in real time, all of the time, gives us an unprecedented window into the known and unknown elements impacting our business. It’s literally impossible to quantify the value of what Discover can do. Even a team of analysts working full time could not accomplish this feat. With Discover constantly monitoring our customer data, my team can focus their time and considerable talents on the most strategic projects. The intelligence we’re able to surface is transforming our insights from a historical snapshot into a real-time guidance system for every area of our business.”

According to InMoment’s EVP Product JD Nyland, businesses are often limited to the boundaries of their customer data. They spend hundreds of hours mining areas of data that may or may not produce insights, let alone insights that are meaningful and actionable for the business. Discover eliminates fruitless searches, focusing valuable, expensive analyst resources directly on the “gold mines” of the customer experience.

InMoment’s EVP of Product, JD Nyland, gave his perspective:

“I’ve spent a lot of time heading up digital analytics solutions during my career, and because I’ve worked primarily with structured data, our efforts to get to the illusive ‘why’ inside customer data didn’t get very far. After all, zeros and ones can only tell you so much. InMoment’s expertise in enriching and mining unstructured customer data opens up a whole new world of answers — intelligence — that has so much more value for companies. Discover marks the beginning of our journey toward customer experience intelligence, one that will take us deeper into the hearts and minds of customers to help brands make smarter decisions across all areas of their business.”

Since its release, Discover has helped global brands across industries as diverse as telecommunications, finance, hospitality and retail, gain a stronger insight into how the customer experience impacts their business.

For InMoment customer Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers, Discover empowers staff to make targeted, continual improvements—especially teams who aren’t as close to the data on a daily basis.

“Tesco’s promise to Britain’s shoppers is to serve them ‘a little better every day,’ but with thousands of stores and millions of pieces of feedback each year, knowing where to look for opportunities at a brand level to improve can be a challenge,” said Dan Portus, insight to action programme manager. “In the past, the real-time, all-the-time monitoring of customer feedback was impossible. Thanks to InMoment’s new analytics tools, we’re starting to find the needles in the haystacks. With that intelligence in hand, we’re able to inform teams who aren’t as close to the data on what their customers are saying and drive the right action, quickly. In doing so, we’re ensuring that we meet our promise, elevating our customer experience each day.”

Visit the InMoment website to learn more about Discover.

About InMoment
InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) intelligence platform, arming brands with compelling customer insights to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. InMoment’s industry-leading analytics power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE), Employee Engagement and Social Reviews & Advocacy solutions. InMoment also provides strategic guidance, support, and related services to more than 350 brands across 95 countries. For more information, visit

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