InMoment Redefines Actionable Insights with Next-gen CX Platform

–Experience Hub 2.0 reveals the “why” behind customer data quicker, fueling fast, decisive action                  
–Employees empowered to be more integrated part of the customer experience

SALT LAKE CITY (18 October 2016) — InMoment, a leading provider of customer experience (CX) optimization solutions, today announced Experience Hub 2.0™, the next generation of the company’s technology platform.

Hub 2.0 enhances the scope and richness of data, prioritizes insights for more actionability and impact, and provides more intuitive reporting to help brands get to the “why” behind their data quicker and simpler than ever before. Featuring an upgraded user interface, added backend flexibility and scalability, and a host of new functionality, Hub 2.0 makes it easier than ever to derive business value from customer and employee data.

“In the financial services industry, customer experience — or in our case, member experience — is the new competitive battleground,” said Ralph Cumbee, chief customer officer at Solarity Credit Union. “Since working with InMoment, we’ve increased our Net Promoter Score (NPS) by more than 40 percent, reduced attrition by effectively closing the loop on member concerns, and leveraged member insights to improve many areas of our business. The new capabilities introduced in Hub 2.0 are taking us further, faster, enabling us to build even more value for our members, and our business.”

New capabilities include:

Comment Exploration with Explore™: Unstructured data from surveys, videos, and social media are rich with insights, but laborious to mine. Our industry-leading text analytics allow you to explore all unstructured customer data instantly, sorting by time period, sentiment, topic, keyword, and more. Investigate every feedback channel for the  “why” behind specific metrics, ask questions about products, campaigns, individual employees, competitors, etc. The simple interface means business users can find their own answers quickly, decreasing the need to run reports, and freeing your analyst teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Integrated Voice of Employee: Enhance your customer experience and engage employees more deeply in improving your business with a comprehensive Voice of Employee solution. Employees have a distinct perspective of how your business works and why customers are likely to return, or not. Create a more streamlined, consistent flow of this valuable information through always-on forums, pulse inquiries, and targeted outreach around specific topics or events. Unite customer and employee feedback to get to the root of essential business challenges and opportunities, including: brand differentiation, churn drivers, new product and service ideas, competitive intel, and barriers to experience delivery.

Case Prioritization and Management with Resolve™: Most VoC providers offer basic case management, however simply surfacing and routing problems isn’t enough. Unless you understand which cases are most critical and the root causes driving them, any benefits of rescuing customers will be limited and short-lived. InMoment’s enhanced case management includes essential functionality like alerting, communicating with customers directly from the app, tracking progress, and escalating cases until they are closed. We then go beyond facilitation, prioritizing cases based on value, and recommending the best course of action. An integrated Voice of Employee feature systematically invites employees to weigh in on root cause and solutions, as well as their own satisfaction levels.

Location-based Insights: Beacon and geofencing technologies key into your branded mobile app to generate location-based insights, and trigger contextual surveys and offers. Connect with both buyers and non-buyers as they enter, move throughout, and exit a location. Integrated prompting for text comments and video feedback options makes it simple for customers to give you richer information, and keeps them in your app.

“One of the largest contributors to ineffective customer experience initiatives is a failure to act,” said InMoment CEO and founder John Sperry,“ and it’s not due to a lack of information. Most companies get plenty of data around the who, where, when, and what of their customers’ experiences. What’s missing is the ‘why?’ It’s nice to know that your customer churn rate is 10 percent, that sales dropped, that region A is outperforming region B, or that a marketing campaign has fallen flat. But understanding ‘why’ gives you the essential information to take more strategic, effective action. Key to this process is unstructured data, which contains breadth, depth, and emotional understanding that structured data and scores simply do not. Until now, most solutions have lacked the analytics chops to mine that data for descriptive, predictive, and even prescriptive insights. Packaging those insights as simple, intuitive intelligence is the final step in ensuring brands can move beyond metrics to meaningful action. Hub 2.0 is the only solution on the market that combines these capabilities into one seamless, effective experience.”

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that helps brands leverage customer and employee data to inform better business decisions, and create high-value relationships. Through its Experience Hub™, InMoment provides Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews & Advocacy, and Employee Engagement solutions, as well as strategic guidance, support, and services to nearly 400 brands in 95 countries. For more information, visit

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