InMoment Releases European Experience Trends Report 2021 “The New Balance: Physical vs Digital Experiences in Europe”

– InMoment Strategic Insights Team analyzed over 1,500 consumer responses to understand  perceptions on physical and digital experiences over the past year in Europe.

LONDON (October 7, 2021)—InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, has released a brand new European study showing the effects of the rise in hybrid channel experiences and what the future looks like for customer experiences.

InMoment’s EMEA Strategic Insights team collected over 1,500 customer responses across the UK, France and Germany in August 2021. From this research, InMoment experts analyzed the data and published insights into the consumer perception today, how the physical and digital experience has changed over the past year, and how customer expectations will shape the future of the omnichannel experience.

Using InMoment’s Market Pulse solution, the team was able to invite consumers to complete an unbranded study to illustrate:

  • How consumers are changing the way they interact with brands
  • How the expectations of customers are shifting across different industries and countries
  • What consumers are looking for from the brands they choose to use over the next 12 months

The past year has brought substantial changes to consumer expectations and perceptions. For brands, there is uncertainty on what trends will stick, accelerate, or disappear, which is making areas of investment hard to determine. But for most sectors digital’s increased importance will define the next decade. 

Simon Fraser, VP of Customer Experience Strategy at InMoment said, “The market has drastically changed over the last two years and it is important to understand where customers are today. The sudden shift to digital has illuminated experience gaps across industries that didn’t exist months ago, we wanted to find out which of these new trends are here to stay and understand what consumers expect from brands going forward.” 

In the report, four key trends were identified across the European markets, showing findings that consumers want the brands they interact with to strive for bigger, better, more convenient, and more innovative hybrid experiences across physical and digital channels.

Trend 1: Mixed Consumer Confidence Outlook – This first trend sets the scene of knowing where customers sit during uncertain times by analyzing consumer confidence.

Trend 2: Digital Will Stick And Sustain Growth – We saw tremendous acceleration and advancements in digital customer experiences across all industries and regions. Every brand regardless of industry or country needs to continue devoting resources here to meet ever-growing digital expectations.

Trend 3: The Future of Hybrid Experience Channels – Although the demand for improved online experiences is rising in the majority of industries, brands need to keep in mind that the value of face-to-face interactions and improved physical experiences will stay. 

Trend 4: Brands Need To Continuously Evolve – The final trend reiterates the importance of listening to your customers, understanding what they are saying  and transforming your organization using customer and employee feedback. 

The report concludes that the majority of European customers don’t want their channel experiences to go “back to normal”. They want brands to interact with them in more convenient ways with innovative offerings, creating seamless hybrid experiences.

Download the full report here: The New Balance: Physical vs Digital Experiences in Europe

Sign up to the webinar here:  Physical vs Digital Experiences in Europe Webinar

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