InMoment Study Finds Joyful Start to Holiday Shopping

U.S. shoppers compare Black Friday to a treasure hunt

SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 8, 2016) — A recent study conducted by customer experience optimization solution provider InMoment found that among consumers who braved the Black Friday crowds, a whopping 87 percent had a good experience, with 70 percent reporting the trouble was worth the effort.

InMoment tapped its proprietary Expert Outpost panel comprised of tens of thousands of North American consumers to explore what motivated U.S. shoppers participating in in-person shopping over the Black Friday holiday, and how they rated the experience. A few interesting findings are as follows:

  • “Bargain Hunting” was selected by 67 percent of US consumers as one of the main reasons for participating in Black Friday.  

  • When asked to compare their shopping experiences to the following list of movies, consumers ranked “Goonies” (treasure hunt) No. 1.

    • “Hunger Games,” (survival of the fittest)

    • “Goonies,” (treasure hunt)

    • “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (comedy of errors)

    • “The Incredible Hulk” (brought out the worst in you)

    • “Elf,” (felt like a kid again)

  • The movie selection that correlated most strongly with satisfaction was “Elf” with 79 percent of consumers who compared their experience to that movie reporting feeling somewhat or very satisfied.

“While holiday sales remain key in enticing customers to brave the holiday crowds, creating satisfaction takes more than low prices. In fact, a majority of consumer reported that even though it  may take less effort to participate in online events like Cyber Monday, people prefer to show up for the Black Friday experience.” said Dr. Paul Warner, VP consumer and employee insights  at InMoment. “Black Friday has taken on a game-like atmosphere, rewarding participants with a sense of fun, adventure and nostalgia. Each brand must get to know its customers well enough to provide this same type of differentiated experience.”

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that helps brands leverage customer stories to inform better business decisions, and create more valuable relationships with their customers. Through its Experience Hub™, InMoment provides Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews & Advocacy, and Employee Engagement solutions, as well as strategic guidance, support, and services to more than 350 brands in 95 countries. For more information, visit

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