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InMoment UI/UX Designer Recognized in Utah Business, 20 In Their 20’s

  • Utah Business recognizes Emma Lightfoot as one of the state’s up-and-coming business professionals

SALT LAKE CITY (November 3, 2022) — InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI), announces that Emma Lightfoot, InMoment UI/UX Designer, has been named as one of the state’s up-and-coming professionals by Utah Business in the 2022 “20 In Their 20’s” Awards. This award honors twenty-somethings rising through the ranks of business and striving to make a difference in Utah’s growing business economy.

Emma began her career at InMoment as a Communications intern where she immediately began to make an impact. Even as a newcomer to the business, she took on key initiatives: developed a new employee newsletter and a social media strategy that more than doubled its engagement rate, magnifying the brands’ presence. During this time, it was stated of her, “while technically a part-time intern, Emma accomplished the work of a full-time employee with 3-5 years of experience.”

After merely a year, Emma transitioned into the “Garage,” InMoment’s UI/UX organization, as a designer while attending university full-time to complete her degree. Beyond her design skills, her core characteristics are what drives her success: her willingness to take on new responsibilities, attention to detail, and her thoughtful ownership and collaboration with others. She has an inquisitive nature which makes her the employee of choice for taking on ad-hoc projects or managing the most critical UI/UX new product and next generation application business initiatives.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand Emma’s commitment to her work, her colleagues, and the CX industry,” said Matthew Fiore, Sr. Director UI/UX, InMoment. “And I look forward to being a part of her continued career growth.”

Emma spends her free time outside snowboarding and hiking in the beautiful Utah mountains, eating Thai food, and enjoying time with family and friends. She is passionate about design, painting, and photography and regularly spends time being creative.

Emma is the epitome of what it means to live the InMoment values of Bold, Human, and Invested and is continually pushing the bar. She is recognized in the November issue of Utah Business and was honored at the 20 in their 20s awards luncheon. As an organization InMoment salutes all the 20 in their 20s rising stars. 

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