InMoment Unites Two Essentials for Dominating the Experience Economy in The CX Intelligence Cloud™

  • Highly scalable, data science-infused infrastructure supports intelligent conversations, curates information from numerous sources, and transforms simple metrics into meaning
  • New platform provides a modernized feedback environment to enrich data and the customer experience, including beautiful and engaging surveys, video, voice, and more

SALT LAKE CITY (March 14, 2018) — InMoment announced the immediate availability of the next evolution of its technology platform—the CX Intelligence Cloud™—arming the world’s largest and most successful brands with creative self-service to effectively manage what, where, and when they engage customers in feedback, as well as advanced data science to better understand and deliver customized intelligence, know which key elements of the experience need improvement, where and when customers are being affected, and which employees to reward.

Built on a robust and modernized technology stack, InMoment’s CX Intelligence (CXI) Cloud instantly elevates the company’s ability to deliver even faster-paced innovation on a global scale. InMoment’s proprietary data science underlies all aspects of the platform, supporting more intelligent conversations, curating feedback whenever, wherever and however it is shared, and ultimately transforming simple metrics into meaning.  

“Our technology vision is fundamentally different than other solutions for a reason,” said InMoment CEO Andrew Joiner. “CX is shifting away from traditional survey and analytics constructs where companies collect more and more data in an attempt to understand their customers. Asking more questions and producing more dashboards won’t help our clients solve the complexities they face. The future of customer experience is not about arbitrarily hoarding information; it’s in having intelligent conversations, and then harnessing the power of data science to transform static metrics into meaning. This is how InMoment is not only disrupting CX technology, but the way brands have relationships with their customers.”

New Platform, New Capabilities

Oriented around a “jobs to be done” or “actions to be taken” approach, the CXI Cloud provides a clear framework to CX professionals for delivering fast, differentiated solutions that go beyond listening and responding to customer feedback, to power intelligent automation and human action. New features and capabilities now available to InMoment clients include:

Creative Toolkit—Intelligent Self-Service: CX professionals are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to the technology and practices of their trade. The traditional response from vendors has been to offer DIY survey tools. The problem with that simplistic approach is that asking more static questions doesn’t necessarily give brands better answers, and often harms the customer experience. InMoment has introduced a more imaginative approach with its new Creative Toolkit, which brings both flexibility and intelligence to the process, giving brands smarter control in creating a fun and engaging experience for their customers. The Toolkit also leverages the company’s unique Active Listening technology, advanced logic, and intelligent question prompts to make the online feedback environment a more personalized and relevant conversation that also nets significantly richer data.

Digital Intercept: InMoment’s new Digital Intercept harnesses the vast array of behavioral data created during digital interactions to create more targeted feedback requests. With more than 21 different triggers available during any point in the online experience—from the shopping cart, to post-fulfillment, and beyond—Digital Intercept enhances, not disrupts, customers’ online journies leading to increased response rates and richer, more focused, feedback. Part of In InMoment’s Creative Toolkit, Digital Intercept gives brands the power to more deliberately and effectively manage what, where, and when they engage customers in feedback.

Next-generation Discover: Last year, InMoment introduced Discover, a first-of-a-kind data science application leveraging proprietary algorithms to automate the massive job of monitoring customer conversations and surfacing patterns, trends and anomalies in real-time, all of the time. The newest generation of Discover now incorporates AI, continually learning from user interactions and preferences, to better understand and deliver intelligence customized to individual brands and users. It also automatically prioritizes and helps brands understand which anomalies are having the largest impact on their business so they can easily share the information to support decisive action across key areas of the organization. Discover now also includes the ability to flag and “watch” specific issues over time.

Coach Pro: InMoment was the first CX technology provider to introduce prescriptive recommendations, based on unstructured data with its Coach application for front-line managers. The newest evolution, Coach Pro, arms regional and area managers with even more powerful intelligence and recommendations—all available in a mobile-optimized environment. Coach Pro applies advanced data science to both structured and unstructured data to deliver the top five strengths and opportunities ranked by impact, for each location. With just a glance, managers will know which key elements of the experience need improvement, where and when (by time of day and day of week) customers are being affected and who to reward.

“Our vision is bold and differentiated but achievable, and the new functionality we’ve announced demonstrates both our intent, and ability to execute in a truly unique way,” said InMoment’s Chief Product Officer JD Nyland. “This is only the beginning of significant new offerings we’ll bring to market this year and we look forward to surprising and delighting our own clients, and helping them have more valuable relationships with their own customers.”

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) intelligence platform, arming brands with compelling customer insights to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. InMoment’s industry-leading analytics power a full suite of Voice of Customer (VoC), Voice of Employee (VoE), Employee Engagement, and Social Reviews & Advocacy solutions. InMoment also provides strategic guidance, support, and related services to more than 350 brands across 95 countries. For more information, visit

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