InMoment, Voxpopme Ink Exclusive Video Voice of Customer Partnership

Salt Lake City, U.S.A., Birmingham, U.K. (19 November 2015) – Today, InMoment, a global customer experience optimisation provider, and video feedback innovator Voxpopme, announced an exclusive technology partnership to provide InMoment clients with a complete range of video capture and analytics capabilities fully integrated across InMoment’s Voice of Customer (VoC) platform.

Headquartered in the U.K., Voxpopme is a technology firm that allows companies to supercharge their surveys with video for a deeper understanding and greater impact across both the Market Research and VoC industries.

This partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to providing brands with more authentic and effective ways of listening to customers and employees, and includes an exclusive bi-directional integration of the two platforms. The combined capabilities will marry InMoment’s 14 years of VoC and employee engagement experience and highly-tuned text analytics technology, with Voxpopme’s groundbreaking video capture and analysis platform, for a completely unique offering.

Forrester Analyst Dr. James McQuivey captured the impact of video in a playful extrapolation of the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Considering a second of video contains 30 individual pictures or frames, McQuivey calculated that “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” [1]

The fully integrated video VoC solution will be showcased at InMoment’s Customer Experience Elevated best practices conference February 2016.

Even before the integration is complete, InMoment clients can begin tapping into the power of video feedback immediately by adding Voxpopme’s video capture and analysis capabilities to their existing listening channels. They can also access Voxpopme’s OnDemand community to get video feedback to any question from US and UK consumers in hours. OnDemand allows clients to better understand brand perception, get immediate feedback on new product development, campaigns, ad testing and more.

“We’ve made a massive investment in helping brands listen more effectively to their customers to both improve the feedback experience and get better information for steering business decisions”, said InMoment CEO John Sperry. “Structured surveys are important measurement tools, but they can never capture why customers feel the way they do. When customers share their stories in their own words, the information is incredibly valuable. Adding video brings in emotion, adding yet another level of understanding. It’s the difference between knowing you’ve achieved a score of 85, and seeing the facial expression and hearing the tone as a customer speaks sincerely and in detail about an employee who made her day. There is simply no comparison when it comes to the business value”.

Through the exclusive integration partnership, InMoment clients can enjoy the following benefits simply, and seamlessly from a single platform:

  • A more enjoyable and authentic feedback experience for customers and employees
  • Better understanding of the emotional components so essential in customer and employee experiences
  • More and richer feedback means better insights, and smarter actions
  • Quickly capture and view feedback from specific customer segments regarding targeted questions
  • Increased impact of feedback on employees and managers for wider buy-in, greater engagement and customer understanding, enhanced coaching and recognition, and more

“We are excited by this partnership with InMoment and believe video can provide a unique level of customer understanding for their clients”, said Voxpopme CEO Dave Carruthers. “Video is so powerful and the emotion that comes through has the ability to drive action across an organisation as people connect with the data on a far more personal level as customer opinions are truly brought to life. Brent Weinstein, head of Digital Media at United Talent Agency, said it well: ‘(Video is) a medium we’ve never seen before, in terms of quality, how it extracts response from its audience, and the power that the individual creator wields’. Voxpopme has spent the last three years making video easy and fast to both capture and analyse at scale and this exclusive partnership with InMoment offers the perfect combination of two great technology companies that are dedicated to helping brands better understand customers and making better decisions.

About Voxpopme

Founded in 2013 Voxpopme has quickly established an impressive global client list of brands and agencies and has offices across UK, US and Asia. The Voxpopme platform allows clients to quickly capture video within any survey, analyse at scale and share with ease.VoxPopMe for a deeper understanding and greater impact.

[1] How Video Will Take Over The World: What The Rise of OmniVideo Means For Consumer Product Strategy, Forrester Research, Inc. 2008

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