InMoment’s Next-Generation Mobile Solution Enhances Value from Data

This article originally appeared on Fierce CMO. View it here.

InMoment announced the release of the company’s next-generation technology platform in its customer experience optimization solutions. Dubbed the Experience Hub 2.0, it aims to give brands the “why” behind their data.

Hub 2.0 enhances the scope and richness of data, prioritizes insights for more impact, and provides more intuitive reporting. The new solution aims to derive value from data using an upgraded user interface and additional backend flexibility and scalability, along with new functionalities.

“In the financial services industry, customer experience – or in our case, member experience – is the new competitive battleground,” said Ralph Cumbee, chief customer officer at Solarity Credit Union. “Since working with InMoment, we’ve increased our Net Promoter Score (NPS) by more than 40 percent, reduced attrition by effectively closing the loop on member concerns, and leveraged member insights to improve many areas of our business. The new capabilities introduced in Hub 2.0 are taking us further, faster, enabling us to build even more value for our members and our business.”

Some of the technology’s new capabilities include Comment Exploration, which uses text analytics to help brands explore unstructured customer data instantly. It sorts by time period, sentiment, topic, and keyword, and also asks questions about products, campaigns, individual employees, competitors and more. The interface helps businesses find answers on their own, decreasing their need to run reports.

Another capability is the comprehensive Voice of Employee solution. The technology creates a more streamlined, consistent flow of valuable employee information through forums, pulse inquiries and target outreach around topics or events. In addition, case prioritization and management helps brands to understand which cases are most critical. Functionalities include alerts for management, communications with customers directly from the app, and tracking progress. The system also allows employees to weigh in on causes and solutions.

Finally, location-based insights such as beacon and geofencing technologies key into a branded app to generate insights and trigger contextual surveys and offers. Prompting for text comments and video feedback keeps customers interested and engaged in an app.

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