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La-Z-Boy Selects InMoment to Integrate Its Omnichannel Customer Experience Insights to Drive Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

—CX initiative amplifies retail organizations ability to build deeper connections with the next generation of La-Z-Boy customers

—InMoment uses integrated CX approach to elevate La-Z-Boys omnichannel strategy

SALT LAKE CITY [August 22, 2023] — InMoment, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI) solutions, announced today that La-Z-Boy has selected InMoment’s omnichannel listening XI Platform as they continue to honor the past and embrace the future by bringing meaningful products and quality experiences to a new generation of customers. 

The XI technology leverages InMoments’ award-winning text analytics engine and deep learning AI to allow users to listen, learn, and act on all of the data signals within La-Z-Boy.  It is a dynamic omnichannel product that can listen to any and all of the signals that drive a modern retail business, including: website, call center, chat, social media channels and supply chain. This breadth of signals allows La-Z-Boy to determine what’s really happening with their customers and where they should focus their time and resources.

“In today’s tumultuous world, we understand the importance of creating a company that is dedicated to delivering products that contribute to positive “me” time and “we” time for family and friends,” says Jorge Calvachi, Director of Insights, La-Z-Boy. “Our collaboration with InMoment allows us to understand, in greater detail, our customers’ wants and needs and helps us know how they feel so we can capture the hearts of our customers by creating superior experiences and products.”

“Analyzing customer feedback, both in-store and online, is critical to understanding what customers value most and what business improvements should be made,” says Mehul Nagrani, Managing Director, InMoment North America. “Our AI-powered technology gives us the ability, like never before, to help La-Z-Boy make more immediate and informed business decisions about customer interactions and touch points that influence customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

La-Z-Boy is approaching its 100 year anniversary and is reinvigorating its brand into one that’s aligned with today’s new consumer by creating a CX hub that integrates customer data across all channels and understands the importance of breaking down internal data silos and sharing feedback analysis of customer trends throughout the organization. This collaboration will provide its customers a consistent experience eliminating friction points in the customer journey and understanding the sentiment and intention of La-Z-Boy customers through every interaction with the brand.

Being human centric and focusing on the omnichannel experience is one of La-Z-Boy’s building blocks to continued business success by creating products that set every customer up to relax, recharge, and live the moments that matter most to them.

About InMoment

Improving experiences is why InMoment exists. Our mission is to help our clients improve experiences at the intersection of value—where customer, employee, and business needs come together. The heart of what we do is connect our clients with what matters most through a unique combination of data, technology, and human expertise. With our hyper-modern technology platform, decades of domain authority, and global teams of experts, we uniquely deliver a focus on Experience Improvement (XI) to help our clients own the moments that matter. Take a moment and learn more at

About La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy Incorporated is one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers, marketing furniture for every room of the home. The Wholesale segment includes La-Z-Boy, England, American Drew®, Hammary®, Kincaid® and the company’s international wholesale and manufacturing businesses. The company-owned Retail segment includes 171 of the 349 La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® stores. Joybird is an e-commerce retailer and manufacturer of upholstered furniture.

The corporation’s branded distribution network is dedicated to selling La-Z-Boy Incorporated products and brands, and includes 349 stand-alone La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries® stores and 522 independent Comfort Studio® locations, in addition to in-store gallery programs for the company’s Kincaid and England operating units. Additional information is available at

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