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MaritzCX Earns CMS Certification and Unveils the Healthcare Industry’s First CX-Based Patient Experience Platform

July 24th, 2019 — MaritzCX, the leader in customer experience (CX) for big business, has launched the first Patient Experience (PX) Platform developed by experts in customer experience. MaritzCX is also the first and only CX platform company CMS-certified to offer Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS®) surveys.

Identifying the need for an all-inclusive, customizable patient experience survey and reporting framework, MaritzCX developed the MaritzCX Patient Experience Platform where HCAHPS, patient experience, employee experience, safety and quality, point-of-care/rounding, operational, financial and clinical data can be uploaded in real time into a single platform.

Healthcare organizations can integrate, view and analyze patient experience data from multiple sources and surveys to gain a more comprehensive view of what impacts the patient journey. With this more inclusive view, healthcare organizations can identify more significant and impactful improvements to enhance patient experiences, scores and reimbursement.

“Healthcare organizations have long looked for patient experience best practices outside of their industry. Meanwhile, MaritzCX has spent 50 years implementing customer experience best practices for leading global organizations in industries that include hospitality, retail, high tech, and financial services. Finally, MaritzCX has smashed the regulatory and technology barrier between the two arenas. MaritzCX has spent the last two years building a platform that offers the functionality needed to revolutionize the patient experience. With the MaritzCX Patient Experience Platform and CMS certification, we help healthcare firms break free of the inflexible and stagnant offerings provided by current patient experience vendors in the space today.” — Mike Sinoway, MaritzCX President and CEO

MaritzCX’s Patient Experience Platform is all-inclusive, customizable and different from the platforms of current vendors in the space:

  • The only CX firm with CMS-certification to offer HCAHPS surveys. Experts in customer experience, MaritzCX is the only CX platform company to earn CMS certification. Its Patient Experience Platform is built, supported and implemented by MaritzCX, ensuring complete HIPAA compliance.
  • Limitless customization capability. From self-serve to full-serve with MaritzCX experts, healthcare teams can easily design survey questions down to the level of each individual patient, if desired. Customization extends to dashboard views, reports and distribution options directly within the platform.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems. Easily integrate current survey initiatives and systems into the MaritzCX Patient Experience Platform and view data from HCAHPS, Safety, Quality, Employee Experience or any other data source in one place. Viewing data dynamically together aides in understanding connections and performance.
  • Patient-centric platform. Make the patient the priority and offer options via responsive mobile, text, email, online and mail capture feedback from beginning to end along the patient journey.
  • Employee Experience (EX) and Patient Experience (PX) linkage. MaritzCX is the only firm that focuses on true EX-PX linkage and transparency of patient experience data across the organization, coupling it with employee awareness, training, management and recognition/reward programs. This linkage helps PX teams get to the root of organizational change (employees) to positively impact patient experiences.

MaritzCX is customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and patient experience (PX) management for big business. High-value experience programs are critical for every organization. We combine experience software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services to help accelerate client success. Experience programs that are most impactful drive the right kind of actions throughout the company and support a strong business case. MaritzCX seeks to partner with companies that insist on effective and high-ROI experience efforts. Our customers include global brands from the Automotive, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Technology, Patient and Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, B2B, Energy and Utilities industries.

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