News: 3 Strategies to Sell the CEO on Customer Experience Management (CXM)


This article was originally published by CustomerThink. Check out the complete article here,

These days everyone seems to be on the CX bandwagon. Various studies find that upwards of 70% of executives believe CX is the key to differentiate in a world where it’s not enough to offer a competitive product or price.

There’s really no substitute for actually spending time with customers, and with employees who serve customers.

Erich Dietz of InMoment:

“The customer must be present in all decisions and discussions, regardless if they are about product, finance, operations, marketing, HR, etc. I mean that both figuratively and literally. Not only in all internal company communications, but to the point of having leaders actually sit down with the customers that buy their products or services over a meal. Consistently humanizing the customer in the eyes of leadership and the employee base is critical to long term success.”

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