News: Empathica Goes InMoment with Improved Insights

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Leading customer insight company Empathica has been united with its new parent Mindshare Technologies under a new corporate entity – InMoment. At the same time it is launching a new cloud-based platform called the Experience Hub to give brands greater access to experience insights.

Empathica, whose UK clients include M&B and Waitrose, was acquired by Mindshare late last year, and the two sides will now combine their experience, resources and staff on the new Experience Hub cloud-based platform. The hub will gather customer feedback from multiple sources for central reporting, and InMoment says it will give brands unparalleled access to experience insights. Its features will include data agnostic collection and advanced text analytics that help brands understand better than ever what customers are saying about them.

InMoment CEO John Sperry said: “The days of siloed information, long surveys, and simple scores are over. Consumers hold all the cards. They are more engaged with brands than ever before, have bigger platforms through which they can voice their displeasure and delight, and want to share their stories. It’s a race, and the companies that win will be the ones willing to invest the time, resources and shift in mindset required to create a culture that is truly customer-centric.”
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