News: Hospitality operators use social media feedback to help shape business

Restaurant, hotel and pub operators are frequently turning to social media for feedback on how they can better their business.

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While social media platforms like Twitter have become useful tools in promoting a business, the medium is increasingly being used to shape it too according to marketing directors taking part in a round table discussion on the subject of gathering feedback in London last month.

Rebecca Bryson, brand consistency and standards director at IHG said Holiday Inn’s Open Lobby concept, which saw lobbies become flexible environments for guests to eat, drink, work, relax and socialise in, was created after listening to what guests had to say about the business on Twitter.

“The customer feedback about our food and beverage space was that it needed to be different.”

“The ability to take what you’ve heard and enhance your brand is enormous.”

“Often you think it’s the expensive things that need changing, but sometimes it’s the little things,” added Sara Fussey, head of marketing at Best Western.

“There can be some crazy ideas you’d never have thought of mentioning in a survey to elicit feedback, but they can be suggested on social media.”

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