News: InMoment Executive Interview

Lonnie Mayne, InMoment President, InMoment

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1. What do you believe is the most effective method that organizations can use to uncover how customers are experiencing their brand?

Listening. Most of the tools we use to understand customers’ experiences actually focus more on what brands want to know versus what customers want to say. Not only does this approach interfere with truly understanding our customers’ experiences, it can actually harm our relationship with them.

2. In your experience, what actions can be taken by companies that will have a significant impact in increasing customer loyalty?

Creating an environment that encourages customers to participate in improving and evolving your brand promise is the single most effective way to spark and sustain customer loyalty. If you’re willing to really listen and act on what your customers tell you, they will add value to every part of your business. And by communicating that you’ve heard and are using your customers’ advice – as well as how it’s improving their experience – they’ll become more deeply invested in their relationship with your brand, and your success.

3. How can companies reinforce and optimize customer advocacy on social channels?

Due to its public nature, brands don’t have the luxury of not responding to feedback that comes in via social channels. The savviest brands fully engage with their social audiences in both the good times and the bad. A quick, appropriate response to a negative post can turn an unhappy customer around, and win over spectators. And when customers express their delight in any forum – in-person, on your website, in a survey, or on Twitter – brands should ask them to pass the good news along to their own social communities.

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