News: InMoment Introduces Global Text Analytics and CX Analyst Tool

New additions to InMoment’s Experience Hub will be available this summer.

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InMoment, a customer experience optimization platform, has added Global Text Analytics and the CX Analyst Tool to its Experience Hub to further help brands surface and understand the insights found inside customer stories.

InMoment’s Global Text Analytics capabilities can analyze customer feedback across languages and geographies in real time to scale for a full view of a brand’s customer experience. These expanded capabilities, combined with InMoment’s multilingual feedback and reporting features and Global Centre of Excellence, provides best-in-class practices, insights and technology for a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program.

InMoment’s CX Analyst Tool gives brands self-serve access to big customer data. It allows brands to access and analyze large quantities of customer feedback on the fly from multiple sources to create flexible, customized, and interactive views of customers’ experiences.

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