News: Massage Envy Seeks Brand Loyalty

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Massage Envy, a national leader in professional massage and spa services, listens to its customers and has developed a tight knit community among its 1.5 million members across 1,000 locations in 49 states. The company wants to take advantage of its loyal customers and attain brand loyalty.

Massage Envy implemented a new customer experience feedback initiative called ME Spa Listens, which uses highly tuned technology to analyze customer feedback and improve the overall guest experience. Using InMoment’s cloud-based customer experience optimization platform, Massage Envy is able to glean actionable insights from customer comments that are then used at all levels of the company.

Aaron Meyers, VP of Operations Services, Massage Envy participated in an intriguing interview with Loyalty360 to discuss Massage Envy’s goals centered on brand loyalty.

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