News: Mindshare, Empathica United as InMoment to Tell Customer Stories Simply and Elegantly

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Lonnie Mayne, President of Mindshare Technologies, couldn’t hold back his enthusiasm about Empathica, which it acquired last fall, and the decision that became official today: To bring the two companies together under a new name: InMoment.

Officials for Mindshare Technologies, announced that the two companies have united under the new corporate entity and mission. With more than 300 employees throughout North America and Europe, serving 350 brands across 25 industries in 128 countries, InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform that offers clients a level of innovation, expertise, and culture that is truly unique among customer experience vendors.

“The commitment to the customer is increasing and there is a relentless focus on that among companies and a hunger for tools and solutions to help them capture the stories of their customers,” Mayne told Loyalty360. “We really took a look at our company and asked how we can help clients take that path and go farther. What is it that we’re doing that’s different from everybody else? We discovered what customers really want is their stories to be told.”

As these “omni-consumers” browse websites, talk to contact centers, visit stores, receive SMS coupons, and fill out online questionnaires, they create “experience data,” Mayne said, and deep within that data lies the stories that carry invaluable insights that can literally make or break a company.

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