News: Most Brands Ignore Customer Feedback: Survey

June 20, 2012 | Loyalty 360

Article Excerpt:

Despite their desire to provide feedback, most U.S. consumers are disenchanted by most brands lack of responsiveness, according to a survey by Empathica Inc.’s Consumer Insights Panel. Survey results showed that 85 percent of consumers have provided some form of feedback to big box retailers, yet only 46 percent of respondents believe that brands actually use this feedback to make constructive changes to the customer experience. In addition, only 52 percent believe that feedback is shared with individual locations – even though the majority of consumers (81 percent) feel that feedback should not only be shared with local managers, but with all of the brand’s employees. Eighty-three percent of consumers agree or strongly agree that they would be more loyal to a brand if they knew the brand would act on their feedback. read more »

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