News: Open Your Mouth! How to Get Credit for Great Customer Experiences without Sounding Like an @#%&*

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One thing most retail executives have in common: They’re rarely faulted for being too humble. Words like “deferential,” “shrinking violet” and “aw shucks,” don’t often appear alongside their names in annual reports, bios or news headlines.

In fact, the success of their companies depends on that kind of confidence. In the midst of the toughest situations, strong leaders can get up in front of a group of unhappy shareholders, or skeptical reporters without breaking a sweat. But when you ask them to talk publicly about how their customer experience initiatives are going, that confidence evaporates.

I spend a lot of time in conversations with retail leaders around this topic, constantly challenging them to be bolder in talking about their efforts; to make a public stand and even invite scrutiny. They do this every day with financials and other metrics, so why not customer experience?

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