Paramount Restaurant Group Feeds Appetite for Customer Feedback

Birmingham, United Kingdom – January 26, 2010 – Paramount Restaurant Group, which includes Chez Gérard, Bertorelli, Livebait and Caffè Uno, has launched a customer insight programme with Empathica in 74 of its restaurants.  The programme will gain valuable customer insight and enable Paramount to manage and improve their customer service offering.

Diners at Paramount group restaurants will be invited to give feedback on their experience through a dedicated website by receiving a business card invitation with their receipt. Paramount wants to understand, in each of its restaurants, exactly what diners like and dislike, enabling individual managers to make adjustments that are right for their restaurant.

Group Sales & Marketing Director, David Hutchinson said, “The Empathica solution enables Paramount, for the first time, to gain real-time guest feedback on their experience in our restaurants.   Furthermore, if any guest has an experience that is less than our brand expects, we are able to utilise the Guest Rescue tool to contact the guest and address the matter immediately to help maintain loyalty and trust in our restaurants”.

Empathica’s experience from working with hospitality companies is that many diners will give feedback when asked and appreciate the opportunity to do this online at a time that is convenient to them.

Gary Topiol, Managing Director, Empathica, said, “In today’s economic climate, retailers need to react quickly to their customers’ changing needs and demands.  Gaining real-time customer feedback enables retailers to take action and optimize the customer experience which can lead to significant increases in loyalty, referral and revenues”


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