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STUDY: Brands Grossly Overestimate CX Improvements; Blame Customers for Falling Short

  • Report available immediately for download
  • Experts host free webinar on January 31 to discuss findings

SALT LAKE CITY (January 30, 2019) — A new study from cloud-based experience intelligence (XI) leader, InMoment, uncovered plenty of opportunities for brands to step up when it comes to customer experience. The report identified concerning — and in some cases shocking — attitudes that may be infecting companies’ entire approach to customer relationships, putting them at significant risk.

For example, the study found a 78 percent gap between the number of brands that say they are “definitely” doing a better job of delivering excellent experiences and what customers report. And when ask how much responsibility customers have in creating better experiences, 40 percent of brands said that customers are very responsible, with an unbelievable 12 percent claiming customers are solely responsible. Customers on the other hand, see improvement as a shared endeavor.

The 2019 CX Trends Report surveyed both consumers and brands in the United States and revealed five troublesome trends, as well as important takeaways, to help brands move beyond the mistakes and realize the massive potential of well-executed customer experience.  

The trends include:

  • Lurking vs. Listening. Brands prioritize mining digital data, social posts, and reviews over having direct conversations. However, most customers (70 percent) say asking them directly is the best way to get to the most important insights.
  • Dismissing the Human Factor. Customers say the most important thing brands can do to improve their experience is provide better service through their employees. Brands underestimate this by 18 points.
  • Pathetic Personalization. Personalization efforts aren’t creating better customer experiences. Only 21 percent of consumers said they felt cared for.
  • Neglecting Non-buyers. Seventy-two percent of customers who leave a website without buying are there to browse, compare, or research, but that isn’t even the bad news. Most brands aren’t even thinking about how to create experiences to engage them for the long-term.
  • Definition of Loyalty Diverges. Customers say one of the most important ways they show loyalty is by providing both positive and negative feedback. Not a single brand mentioned (or likely value) constructive criticism as an indicator of positive engagement.

Download the report here.

About InMoment

InMoment™ is a cloud-based experience intelligence (XI) platform, arming brands with compelling insights to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with both customers and employees. The company’s industry-leading data science powers a full suite of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) solutions. InMoment’s approach of providing strategic technical, best practice and thought leadership support ensures that our nearly 500 brands across 95 countries realize maximum business impact.

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