Study: Digital Matters in Stores

This article originally appeared in Biz Report. View it here.

When it comes to increasing in-store revenue, digital matters. As does customer interaction with store employees. That’s the word from new InMoment data, in which researchers found that spending doubled when consumers were able to combine digital information with in-store employee contact.

The consumers surveyed were using store’s branded websites as their digital point of contact. Researchers found that spending increased 2.2x versus those who didn’t use the store as a digital point of contact while in store. They also found spending doubled when shoppers were helped by an employee in-store. That is a combined increase of 4.2x.

“Despite fears that brick-and-mortar buying might lose its relevance, in-person shopping has transformed into an omnichannel opportunity to sell more, and deepen customer relationships,” said Dr. Paul Warner, vice president, consumer and employee insights at InMoment. “For brands, it’s not about choosing one channel over the other, but rather leveraging each for their unique strengths. Online storefronts can showcase selection, while your people can provide personalized care. It’s this combination of the human and the digital that increases conversions as well as overall brand loyalty.”

Other interesting findings from the Retail Industry Report 2016 include:

• Shoppers who visited another brand’s website increased spending 1.2x
• 72% of those visiting a store website while shopping in that store are under age 44
• 26% are between the ages of 35 and 44
• Millennials (age 18-24) are 2x more likely to visit a store website before going to that store

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