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Tesco Announced as Finalist in the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards

—The Institute of Customer Service has selected its finalists in esteemed UK Customer Satisfaction Awards, recognising innovation and expertise in customer experience

LONDON (23 January 2020) — InMoment, the leading provider of experience intelligence (XI), is proud to announce the selection of its client, Tesco, as a finalist in The UK Customer Satisfaction Awards. Tesco is one of the world’s leading multinational retailers, with 6,700 stores and serving approximately 80 million customers a week. The awards acknowledge companies and organisations providing the best customer and employee experiences throughout the industry.

Tesco has been listed as a finalist for its technology innovation and implementation in partnership with InMoment. Tesco is specifically being recognised in the “Best Implementation of Technology” category, celebrating the retailer’s use of strategic tools to facilitate excellent experiences for its customers.

“It is an amazing opportunity to provide industry-leading technology for such empowering and customer-centric brands, such as Tesco. Tesco is consistently focused on delivering for customers, and we are honoured to work alongside them,” said Simon Fraser, VP, Customer Experience Strategy at InMoment. “Regardless of the outcome, we are excited to see the results of the awards, knowing that Tesco is a great example of using technology to create the best experiences for its customers.”

The award finals and ceremony will take place on 3 March 2020 at Hilton on Park Lane, London.

About InMoment

InMoment™ is the leader in Experience Intelligence (XI), helping organizations deliver more beneficial and memorable experiences in every moment. The company’s cloud-native XI Platform is engineered with data science at the core, featuring three clouds that work seamlessly together to give businesses a comprehensive understanding of the most important factors impacting the bottom line: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience (EX) Cloud, and Market Experience (MX) Cloud. InMoment’s technology, coupled with its deep domain knowledge in experience design and delivery, help more than 500 of the world’s leading brands in 95 countries attract, excite, and retain their most profitable customers and most valuable employees.

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