Three Out of Four Top Performers Leverage Outside Expertise to Enhance the Customer Experience

The latest Gleanster Deep Dive report shows that access to third-party data, tools, services and insights on industry best practices delivers an important customer experience advantage in high-touch industries like retail, restaurants and financial services.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – May 8, 2012 – Empathica Inc., a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to more than 200 of the world’s most respected brands, announced today that a recent Gleanster Deep Dive report reveals how top performers leverage outside expertise to dramatically improve the quality of their customer experiences.

The analyst report, prepared by Evanston-IL based market research firm Gleanster with cooperation from Empathica, shows that more than three-quarters (76%) of top performers – compared to 48% of companies in general – engage outside professional services to manage their customer experience management programs often providing day-to-day project management, including customer data analysis and reporting.

Top performers in the retail and hospitality industries rely more heavily on outside professional services for help in maximizing the value of customer experience management than their counterparts in other industries, according to the Gleanster report. As a result, businesses in the multi-unit retail, restaurant and other high-touch industries may have the most to gain from knowledge capital investments that target customer data analysis and industry best practices.

“Outside experts are well positioned to help improve customer experience management programs by working with internal stakeholders,” said Dr. Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer with Empathica. “In many cases, knowledge capital brings the company’s technology investments full circle, delivering important insights that would have otherwise eluded the organization.”

The ability to listen, report effectively and respond to customer demands is the key to providing a superior consumer experience, added Edwards. To address this challenge, Empathica offers a suite of highly practical tools and services that help brands to monitor and improve the experience for their customers.

To download a copy of the Deep Dive Analyst Report “How Top Performers Use Outside Expertise to Improve Customer Experience Quality,” visit

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