Westar Energy Partners with InMoment to Launch New Customer Experience Program

Salt Lake City (November 3, 2015)– Westar Energy, the largest electric provider in Kansas, has partnered with InMoment™, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives companies the ability to listen to and engage with customers. InMoment provides technology to power Westar’s customer experience initiative.

Westar serves nearly 700,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in eastern Kansas and has created a comprehensive customer experience program to put customers at the heart of every decision.

In early 2014, Westar kicked off this program by identifying each touchpoint along a customer’s journey and assigning teams to evaluate ways to improve those experiences. Through this process, Westar has identified more than 199 different places where customers interact with the organization and will take steps to optimize each experience to achieve the best overall relationship. A company newsletter and blog keeps employees aware of how these efforts are progressing.

As part of the company’s customer experience initiative, Westar has vowed to get more feedback from more customers, more often. Westar will use the InMoment Experience Hub to gather customer stories and understand the insights using InMoment’s highly sophisticated text analytics technology. This information is then shared across the organization through a variety of alerts and reports, empowering employees to take the best actions to continue to improve the customer experience. As the program is rolled out on a larger scale, Westar plans to offer even more ways for customers to connect with the company, giving them the opportunity to share their stories whenever and however they choose.

“The utility industry has had some catching up to do– especially when it comes to how we interact with customers,” said Robin Seele, director, customer experience, Westar Energy. “Our goal is to give our customers every opportunity– from in-person, to the web, to mobile– to connect with us. In looking for a solution, we wanted a partner that was out-in-front from a technology perspective so they can help us move to the next level.”

“Westar Energy is showing incredible innovation and commitment to their customers,” said Lonnie Mayne, president, InMoment. “The Age of the Customer is upon us and Westar has stepped up, taking the initiative to invest in enhancing those relationships. Not only are they intently listening to customers, they are acting on their feedback, as well as changing culture and internal processes to better serve them. We applaud Westar’s leaders for raising the bar for their industry.”

About Westar Energy

Westar Energy, Inc. (NYSE: WR) is Kansas’ largest electric utility. For more than a century, we have provided Kansans the safe, reliable electricity needed to power their businesses and homes. Every day our team of professionals takes on projects to generate and deliver electricity, protect the environment and provide excellent service to our nearly 700,000 customers. Westar has 7,200 MW of electric generation capacity fueled by coal, uranium, natural gas, wind and landfill gas. We are also a leader in electric transmission in Kansas. Our innovative customer service programs include mobile-enabled customer care, digital meters and paving the way for electric vehicle adoption. Our employees live, volunteer and work in the communities we serve.

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