Zizzi gets a taste for great customer feedback

Birmingham, United Kingdom – May 10, 2011 – Zizzi, an Italian restaurant chain with 115 locations in the UK, is focusing on getting closer to its customers with the introduction of a customer experience management (CEM) programme from Empathica, a CEM expert. The new programme will enable Zizzi to gain daily feedback from real customers and drive operational improvements across the chain.

Zizzi, part of the Gondola Group, has rolled out Empathica’s programme across the entire chain following a successful pilot programme in 18 of its restaurants.

Helen Higgins, Zizzi, said, “The response rates during the pilot stage were phenomenal and we have received a large amount of positive feedback from all locations. Our business is based upon the ethic of providing great food and service, and the philosophy that it is the people who make the restaurant. The Empathica programme allows us to listen to the opinions of thousands of our customers, make improvements based on what matters most to them, and motivate our staff to continue to provide them with an excellent dining experience.”

Higgins added, “We chose to partner with Empathica because of their expertise and broad experience in working with hospitality brands. A number of our employees have previously worked with the company and hence gained a full appreciation for the value of their CEM programme. For example, in a few short months, we have understood that our drinks’ offering wasn’t meeting our customers’ expectations and as a result undertaken additional research to understand exactly what it is that our customers want.”

Gary Topiol, Managing Director, EMEA of Empathica, said, “Zizzi’s decision to choose Empathica demonstrates that we are highly regarded in the hospitality sector In the UK. The company’s operations group is really supportive of the programme as they see the value of obtaining constant feedback from their customers, and can invest in making improvements in the right areas to drive customer advocacy.”

About Zizzi:
Zizzi opened its first restaurant in Chiswick in 1999. Since then it has opened more than 100 restaurants across the country. It’s the people that make the restaurant, the staff and the customers. Zizzi’s philosophy from the start has been the same – you can taste when someone loves what they do.


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